As a key integration partner of HIEs across the nation, Audacious Inquiry has a deep understanding and appreciation of the cost and availability barriers that sprout from interoperability challenges from connecting multiple healthcare IT systems. Ai has a track record of advocating on behalf of our HIE clients to help address these issues and will take the same approach with each new client.

While there are best practices that are followed building interfaces, there are variations in the work performed because of the difference in technology and process between different healthcare organizations. The Ai team has designed and developed systems that work with data and transport interoperability standards using HL7, EDI X12, IHE Profiles (e.g. XDS.b, PIX/PDQ), CCD, FlatFiles, and HL7 FHIR. We are actively contracted with ONC to provide strategic guidance on issues such as HIE sustainability, notifications, and patient matching. At ONC, as a key contractor to the Office of Standards & Interoperability, we also support the development of testing protocols for certification and Meaningful Use. More broadly, Ai has a wealth of experience and skill sets in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Systems Integration space. By using industry standard best practices and a rich understanding of healthcare organizations and policy, Ai can streamline processes and integrate data streams in processes that promote accuracy and quick turn-around.

Ai typically deploys Mirth Connect and other interface engines that are widely used in the industry. In order to support our clients in the best possible manner, Ai holds Mirth Reseller status and all Ai integration engineers hold the Mirth Connect Certification. Our interface offerings follow content standards as defined by Meaningful Use 1 and 2, including C32 and Consolidated CDA, and HL7 2.5.1. This fulfills the most data policies enacted by different government agencies.

In addition to interface development, Audacious Inquiry performs various related activities related to interfaces. These include, but not limited to, the following:

1. Historical data loading
2. Extraction of demographic data
3. Vocabulary translation
4. HIE migrations

These activities are less standardized than interface development and the scope would vary. Ai is happy to support the scope and effort of each of these activities as they improve how data can be utilized.

Audacious Inquiry has extensive experience integrating health information systems for clients in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Utah, Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. These experiences range from statewide HIEs to large hospital networks to smaller hospitals and clinics.