[Past Conference] ENS Wins NCHICA Health IT Transformation Award for Connected Health Innovation

The team at Audacious Inquiry enjoyed a busy season of Health IT conferences and meetings throughout Fall 2015. Ai attended the NCHICA annual conference on September 13-16th in Pinehurst, NC. The NCHICA meeting agenda included 21 breakout sessions, four plenary sessions, and over 300 expected conference attendees. Ai also built on positive momentum driving forth from the 2015 recognition of Ai on the Inc. 5000 annual list of America’s fastest growing independent companies.

When Ai team members headed south to the 2015 NCHICA conference, the topic of ‘connections’ was top of mind and we were eager to connect and network wih NCHICA members and stakeholders. There were also opportunities to exchange updates about health IT insights gleaned from working with, and at, the hospitals and medical practices, professional societies, nonprofit associations, health plans, and national, state and local health agencies.

Ai is pleased that the NCHICA Awards committee recognized the value and innovation of the Encounter Notification Service®. Our ENS® solution serves as a valuable tool to drive measurable improvements in health information exchange, care transitions, and care coordination for patients and stakeholders of care. The health information technology and policy features underpinning the ENS® platform enable the following advantages to payers, patients, caregivers, hospitals and health systems:

  • Clinical encounter notifications to connect patients to coordinated care in real time;
  • Critical insights to hospital, health systems, and stakeholders in care delivery;
  • Value to payers and health plans via greater capabilities to support members with fuller picture of clinical and healthcare data.

The secure, timely and reliable notifications enabled by ENS® service have reduced unnecessary readmissions, and significantly improved communication after a hospitalization to enable better transitions of care for the patient. Finally, Ai’s Encounter Notification Service® is “game changing” for several reasons:

  • As a care coordination-enabling technology ENS® is part of the digitization of healthcare and modernization of electronic exchange of clinical and health data when it often matters most—at the time of hospitalization.
  • Ai has created, planned, and implemented the ENS® platform in partnership with several statewide health information exchange and/or HIO entities, and in doing so has set a nationwide standard for encounter alerts and ensuring these notifications are underpinned by regulatory compliance and data standards.
  • Ai has developed and evolved the ENS® solution with industry leading features in mind, including interstate sharing of notifications (e.g. Statewide HIEs for Maryland, Delaware, and DC have inter-state notifications sharing)—thus Ai is truly innovating and driving health information technology tools.

Our ENS® platform currently delivers value to several hundreds of healthcare payer and provider organizations, including leading academic medical centers like Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, and MedStar Health / Georgetown. The ENS® solution has also played a key role in the modernization of healthcare and clinical data exchange, by enabling population health-focused analyses and public reporting that have wide ranging utility in patient outcomes research, utilization analysis, and claims data analyses for payer-based, Medicare, Medicaid and other reporting purposes.


About NCHICA (North Carolina Health Information and Communications Alliance)

NCHICA is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to assisting NCHICA members in accelerating the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system through the effective use of information technology, informatics and analytics. NCHICA serves as a national resource for health information exchange and HIPAA compliance information: Involvement in the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) and the Health Information Security & Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) projects, along with its exemplary work on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Members include leading organizations in healthcare, research, and information technology. For more information, visit www.nchica.org.