In November 2009, American Public University System, a leading and accredited higher-education institution offering undergraduate and graduate degrees online, unveiled its new face on the Internet. With a competitive and rapidly evolving landscape in the online education sector, increasing complexity of APUS’s business, evolving sophistication of web users, and expansion of available web communication and interaction tools, APUS faced the challenge of delivering a completely new face that reflects the sophistication, mission, and aspiration of the enterprise.

“The public Web site is integral to communicating the many facets of what a student will experience at APUS – and it’s a part of every prospective student’s decision. The significance and complexity of this project required a herculean effort from across the organization. There is no doubt that structured project leadership from Edmond Magny at AI was a key factor in our successful, on-time launch”,

said Beth LaGuardia, Associate VP, Marketing.

Audacious Inquiry was assigned to manage the public web launch project midway through its life cycle. AI oversaw several months of planning, software design and development, configuration and testing, communication, content revision and review, and substantial collaboration and teamwork with virtually every department of the enterprise and numerous external partners. The result of this endeavor was an enhanced web presence that leverages the latest innovations in web 2.0 and digital marketing, provides for an overarching information and content management architecture, creates more consistent branding, and-perhaps most important of all-offers students and guests a streamlined, compelling user experience.

You can visit the new home of American Public University System on the web at: American Public University System: American Military University (AMU) American Public University (APU):