Audacious Inquiry and IBM Partner to Provide Initiate EMPI Solutions


Ai has announced new plans to leverage its expertise implementing IBM’s Initiate Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) as an official IBM Business Partner after completing a rigorous business partner and subject matter expert certification process.  IBM Initiate Patient accurately matches and links patient identities to create a single view for use by EMRs, clinical portals, administrative applications and analytics.


Ai’s consultants have a proven track record of successfully implementing the Initiate EMPI, including the first ever live integration between Initiate and Axolotl’s Elysium suite for CRISP, Maryland’s statewide HIE (Health Information Exchange).  Ai is actively working with IBM to provide services for Initiate implementations in the public and private sectors.  As an IBM Business Partner, Ai is now also authorized to resell the software as well as provide solutions to more clients looking to implement Initiate.  Ben Purkis, a former member of the Initiate team with dozens of healthcare implementations under his belt, recently joined Ai to lead its master data management (MDM) practice, with a particular focus on Initiate.



Initiate enables healthcare providers to offer patient-centric care by achieving critical goals:


  • Recognize the patient at all points of service
  • Improve quality of care by accurately locating and linking demographic information,
  • Reduce costs with data quality resolution tools for reconciliation of patient and provider identities,
  • Improve clinician satisfaction by providing more trusted and accurate patient identification at the point of service
  • Govern information sharing policies and patient privacy preferences
  • Accelerate time to value by implementing a proven EMPI with demonstrated integration capabilities
  • Create a foundation for growth with a scalable master data management solution


For more information on IBM Initiate, click here.