Ai Principal Scott Afzal spoke at the November 1 Maryland HIMSS meeting, presenting on using master data management (MDM) at CRISP, Maryland’s state health information exchange (HIE). MDM is vital to patient identity management and increasingly, to provider information management. Ai and CRISP have implemented IBM’s Initiate MDM tool and are leveraging it to enable innovative special projects, including an Encounter Notification System and an Encounter Reporting System.
Currently, providers and care coordinators frequently do not know when one of their patients is admitted to a hospital, or alternatively they may find out well after the admission and/or have incomplete data. The Encounter Notification System (ENS) is designed to provide real time notifications for care coordination and quality improvement purposes when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred within a hospital.
The Encounter Reporting Service (ERS) is a solution that relies on the real-time HL7 Admission-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) messages from all hospitals to produce utilization reports. Reports showing inter-hospital activity have not previously been possible due to the absence of a unique patient identifier across unaffiliated facilities.  Initial efforts have focused on creating reports that show readmissions within 30 days, even if a patient was discharged from one Maryland hospital and then readmitted to another.  Based on the indexed identity information the team can produce visualizations of hospital utilization data in near real time using GIS mapping.
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