Newly posted case studies featuring recent and current projects highlight Ai’s expanding expertise in health information systems, master data management, policy analysis, technical project management, and software and web application development. Click the titles below for full articles.

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) contracted with Ai identify industry standards and best practices that Maryland should adopt for connecting telemedicine technology to a centralized network. The standards will be used to support the electronic exchange of clinical information that ensures interoperability and access to a provider directory.
Ai worked with the Maryland Health Care Commission on a project to develop best standards for prior authorization, a process to determine in advance the medical necessity of certain care and services covered by insurance carriers.
This case study reflects large-scale implementation and application of IBM’s master data management (MDM) tool, Initiate™, in the context of statewide health information exchange (HIE) in Maryland, led by Audacious Inquiry.
Ai is assisting CMS and prime contractor Turning Point with the implementation and configuration of IBM Initiate software as a solution for screening providers such as physicians and medical equipment companies for the risk of fraud.
As the statewide HIE, CRISP currently receives all admit, discharge, and transfer messages in real time from every hospital in the state of Maryland. CRISP tasked Ai with developing an Encounter Notification System (ENS) to provide real time alerts in a secure manner to care coordinators and treating providers whenever one of their patients presented at a hospital in Maryland.
Audacious Inquiry is providing its services to MedStar Health in their Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology procurement and implementation. This project intends to revolutionize the data flow and availability between over a dozen clinical systems and will enable the clinicians across the enterprise to make better and more timely decisions.
INOVA Health System has engaged Audacious Inquiry to perform project management and software systems development to enable secure and reliable integration between disparate clinical systems. Specifically, the allergy integration initiative’s objective is to create a “source of truth” allergy list within Inova’s in-patient medical record system GE Centricity Enterprise, and to effectively share this information with Inova’s Emergency Department system.
Audacious Inquiry has developed an innovative mobile clinical solution that allows providers to view and enter a person’s allergies, weights, heights, and problems in GE via an IPad device or any mobile device running Safari, Google Chrome, and Android.
Audacious Inquiry worked on behalf of NoVaRHIO and Inova Health System with GE Healthcare to provide Inova Alexandria Emergency Department physicians with patient medication history (with patient permission) to help in diagnosis and in determining the course of treatment during times of great health risk.