Connecting to the National Networks for seamless coordination across the care continuum

What is Gateway?

Audacious Inquiry’s Gateway™ is a recognized eHealth Exchange Validated Product, indicating that the system has successfully passed a rigorous set of conformance tests.

This accreditation provides a high degree of assurance that Gateway’s cloud-based SaaS conforms to the eHealth Exchange’s Performance Specifications and underlying standards while being interoperable with other systems.

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Customers of Gateway can feel confident about entrusting Audacious Inquiry with their data. As a Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) CSF certified organization, Audacious Inquiry demonstrates its commitment to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information.

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How Can Gateway Help You?

Exchange real-time data regionally

Sharing clinical data such as discharge summaries with regional partners enhances the continuum of care and business relationships where it matters most.

Onboard you to the national networks

Gateway enables organizations without technical support and internal bandwidth to quickly connect to the national networks.

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Query on Demand

Use the patient’s discharge to trigger a query that fetches clinical documents and pushes to provider care management teams.

Learn how Gateway can support your organization’s HIE needs. 

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