BALTIMORE, May 7, 2015–Audacious Inquiry (Ai), a health information technology and policy company, today announced that Scott Afzal, partner at Ai and program director for CRISP, is scheduled to present at the Health Datapalooza 2015 Conference on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, DC.

On June 2nd, Mr. Afzal will present at the Apps Expo live demonstrations at 1:30PM ET in Washington 5-6 room; and the App Demo Booth (Company 1 Track) at 3:30PM ET in Exhibit Hall A.

Health Datapalooza is a national conference focused on health data, and brings together companies, government agencies, academics, and start-ups with the most innovative and effective uses of health data to improve patient outcomes.

The three-and-half day event runs from May 31 to June 3, 2015 and includes keynote presentations; the “Apps Expo”; and speaker panels, breakout sessions, training sessions, and other interactive sessions focused on data competitions and health data applications.  For more details or to register visit:


About Audacious Inquiry (Ai)

Ai leverages domain expertise in health information policy and technology to offer bold technology solutions that are leading the way to smarter delivery of healthcare. Government, private and nonprofit organizations have turned to Ai to rethink how health information is shared, managed, leveraged, and protected. Ai’s implementation of master data management (MDM) tools to enable health information exchange has set the standard for state HIEs throughout the nation. Ai’s Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®) provides real-time notifications and clinical summaries to primary care providers, payers and other stakeholders coordinating care for patients. ENS technology sends hospital inpatient and ED admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) event notifications securely, between participating hospitals and inter-state among connected HIEs (i.e. Maryland, Delaware, and DC exchange ENS events). Since 2013, ENS has delivered over 10 million notifications, and served over 12 million subscribed patients in Florida, Utah, Delaware, and Maryland, as well as metro Philadelphia and the District of Columbia. ENS powers FLHIE’s Event Notification Service, DHIN’s Encounter Notification System, UHIN’s cHIE alerts, CRISP’s Encounter Notification System, and HSX’s Encounter Notification Service. To learn more follow us on Twitter @A_INQ