BALTIMORE, MD. October 19, 2016 — Audacious Inquiry (Ai), a health IT and policy company, welcomes Jason McNamara, former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) executive, to their team of nationally respected experts to support further growth and success. He now serves Ai as Director, Health Information Systems and brings over 10 years of experience to the team.

Mr. McNamara’s extensive expertise in health IT settings lends itself to Ai’s focused vision on driving interoperability among states through health information organizations and improving health IT policy compliance by working with CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). His background focuses on a number of domains, including overseeing the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program and Medicaid funding; developing strategies to support the use of health information exchange (HIE), public health enterprise tools, and services; and connecting health IT policy with health IT technologies.

When asked about what motivated Mr. McNamara to join Ai he responded, “Ai’s hyper focus on raising the consulting and technology standards across our healthcare system is refreshing and continually resonates with my personal and professional values.”

He is welcomed by Ai shortly after the company introduced Julie Boughn, another former CMS senior official, to their leadership team. This most recent talent acquisition demonstrates the company’s commitment to building a team of forward-thinking leaders to better serve Ai’s clients across government, private, and non-profit settings.

“We are extremely excited to bring Jason to our team; his subject matter expertise and national reputation will align Ai for future success” said Chris Brandt, Ai’s Managing Partner. He continued, “Healthcare technology infrastructure in the United States is in a state of change, and partly as a function of our ability to attract leadership like Jason, our team is increasingly well positioned to facilitate that change and to enable higher quality and more efficient care delivery.”

Ai has been recognized as one of the country’s fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine and over the last six years has consistently appeared in the top 5,000 list. The company continues to grow by delivering solutions that help rethink how health information is shared, managed, leveraged, and protected.



About Ai

Audacious Inquiry (Ai) is a health information technology and policy company that provides bold solutions for connected healthcare. Ai’s industry-shaping technology offers efficient and cost-effective solutions for care coordination; their nationally-recognized team-members provide tactful strategic consulting, and their services rethink how health information is shared, managed, leveraged, and protected.