Audacious Inquiry (Ai) is a health information technology and policy company that is making healthcare more connected. We facilitate the exchange of health information to deliver care coordination solutions. Our software is designed to be efficient and cost-effective, our nationally-recognized team-members provide tactful strategic consulting, and our services rethink how health information is shared, managed, leveraged, and protected.



Road Mapping & Advisory

Health IT success begins with not just a plan, the right plan.

Frequently our clients need help figuring out a path forward from some problem they are facing. Questions like, “What HIE Services should we offer?” or “What changes are required operationally to support this new policy?” lead customers to engage Ai in developing a plan for moving forward. Driven by bona fide market demand to align and prioritize features, our approach is the opposite of “build it and they will come”. We collaborate with our customers to assess their needs, define a process to objectively score market-driven opportunities, and develop detailed financial models to provide strategic guidance towards long-term organizational success.

Whether planning for policy implementations, or advising on procurement strategies, the combined policy, operations and technical skills of Ai team members ensure that our customers receive practical, grounded recommendations, and implementation assistance should it be desired.

How We Can Help You:

Adapt to Delivery System Reform

Our experts understand the health IT needs of organizations who are embarking on the value-based payment or population health journey. We focus on helping organizations plan appropriately, so they can implement the right health information technology at the right time to meet their business needs.

Evaluate Your Organizations’ Current Health IT Stack

Is your organization’s existing healthcare IT infrastructure set up to support your long-term objectives? By identifying gaps, we can recommend scalable ways to enhance your organization’s portfolio and serve your needs better.