Healthcare Analytics & Data Analysis Services

Providing actionable insights and reports solutions for healthcare organizations 

Making sense of your data can be a daunting task. Compiling and organizing data, performing analysis, and distributing the findings is a drain on resources and man hours. At Audacious Inquiry we have been helping HIEs, Regulatory Agencies, Non-profits, and Healthcare Providers better understand their data, answer their most audacious inquiries, and streamline their reporting and distribution workflows with a focus on security, accessibility, and accuracy. Our analytics team has years of technical and industry experience. No matter what you want from your data, we can build a custom solution to leverage your data and make it work for you.

The Analytics and Visualization team at Audacious Inquiry has been working with HIEs since 2014 to help their connected providers continuously improve their operational performance and patient outcomes.

Our industry experience includes:

Population Health

Whether it is geographic, demographic, or within an organization’s patient panel, we have experience analyzing and reporting on health trends within patient populations. These analyses provide a powerful foundation for addressing population health and targeting initiatives to improve healthcare outcomes.

Readmission Analysis

Readmissions are increasingly a critical focus for quality improvement and cost reduction initiatives. We have extensive experience identifying and reporting on readmissions across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Hospital Metrics

Areas of effective utilization can be illustrated through real-time interactive charts and graphs, offering a unique perspective on trends and outliers. While each hospital captures their own set of patient data, the full picture of how resources are leveraged comes from information gathered across multiple data sources. An example of this would be a dynamic, automated, interactive dashboard that provides all of the metrics an executive would need to understand their hospital’s performance at a single glance.

Utilization and Financial Analytics

It is not cheap for hospitals to operate, which is why some hospital leaders are turning to their HIO’s to provide analytics that shine light on utilization patterns. When capturing cost savings by identifying preventable services, it is a win-win for both the hospitals and patients.

Care Management Effectiveness

The outcomes of care management aren’t always straightforward and easy to understand. An effective baseline is key to understanding effectiveness. Our analytics team has built solutions that track patient and provider metrics pre-engagement and post-engagement so that outcomes can be compared on a case by case basis.

How Does It Work?