Healthcare Data Integration Services

Connecting multiple disparate systems for efficient data routing.

As hospitals and health systems integrate operations to improve quality and safety, connectivity becomes paramount. Oftentimes multiple interventions are required to impact a single care transition, and having networks hooked up across disparate medical systems allows care providers to intervene before it’s too late. By having a systems-integration successfully set up, doors open for patient outcomes to improve and cost-saving opportunities become within reach.

While interoperability has yet to become a reality, the Integration Services team at Audacious Inquiry is addressing key interoperability hurdles to advance the flow of patient data between caregivers. We allow different electronic health record (EHR) systems to talk to one another (i.e., EPIC, Meditech, AllScripts, NextGen) and transform patient data into a uniform set of specifications. The result: a multi-faceted platform, a clinical data repository (CDR) portal. Our clients maximize the effectiveness of this service through our patient matching services (using IBM Infosphere, NextGate, and Mirth Match), which streamlines patient data, therefore allowing caregivers to work more efficiently.

Why Work With Us:

Simplify Data Transformations

Our team has developed several hundred interfaces for various clients by integrating data from Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) messages, ORU, and C-CDA data

Comply with Healthcare IT Standards

We are certified in HL7, Mirth Connect and IBM Infosphere

Aggregate Prescription Drug Information

We have experience working with state agencies to parse selective data points, aiding physicians to view prescription drug information

Meet Meaningful Use Compliance (MU2)

We validate all MU2 related feeds from local hospitals and advise state authorities of outstanding content/structure issues

How Does It Work?

The seamless data transition between systems is made possible by the use of industry standard technologies such as FHIR, IHE Profiles (XDS/PIX/PDQ), HL7 V2.x and 3 and adoption of interface engines such as Mirth Connect.


Ryan Bramble, Sr. Director of Integration

“CRISP has long utilized the Audacious Inquiry integration team for consistent quality code. They always provide well written, documented, and tested integrations often against tight timeframes. If I had to sum their work for CRISP over the years in one word it would be ‘reliable’.”

Stacey Haddock Schiller, Director of Marketing at DHIN

“The Delaware Health Information Network relies on the expert technical advice and superior customer service provided by Audacious Inquiry to assist with the protection, monitoring, and efficiency of our complex data ecosystem. The Technical Staff from Ai understand the importance and value of our statewide HIE and continue to assist us in achieving our goal of better communication for better healthcare.”