Master Data Management in Healthcare

Addressing the unique requirements set forth by healthcare organizations for matching patients and provider data

Master data management gives healthcare organizations a complete understanding of their patients and providers. Effective patient matching is essential for organizations to understand how care is delivered; analyze clinical care and operations; and, ultimately, determine how to better treat patients. An enterprise master patient index can act as a single, trusted source of truth for an organization.

An enterprise master patient index and master provider directory give a 360-degree view of patient and provider respectively within organization. It serves as a single, trusted source of truth for each patient’s and provider’s demographic information. This ability allows a patient to minimize operational issues involved with duplicates and identity resolution. Beyond creating a single source of truth for patient and provider information, MDM allows all enterprise applications to consume and utilize accurate, up-to-date patient and provider information in real-time.

We have significant experience in many types of MDM solutions and projects that support a wide range of needs for our clients across federal government, state Medicaid, and statewide health information exchange organizations. We provide ongoing management and analysis for nearly 5 million people each month, allowing hospital data to be shared across the care teams and patient stakeholders.

Work With Us For:

MDM strategic assessments

Audacious Inquiry determines how MDM can best serve as an enterprise asset for customers. Simply put, Ai helps customers understand their data better to meet their strategic goals. Assessments include identification of master patient index (MPI) and master provider directory data sources and develop their MDM technical architecture. Ai helps organizations best utilize their MDM implementation to execute on high-priority projects and achieve strategic organizational goals.

MDM custom development

Audacious Inquiry provides custom development to support MDM implementations, including: Custom web services to build customer-defined functionality to meet specific integration goals with other applications. Custom front-end development to display MDM information to end-users. Custom event notification development to publish identity data changes.

MDM implementation

Audacious Inquiry serves as an IBM partner implementing IBM’s InfoSphere Master Data Management product. Audacious performs full-service MDM implementations – with a focus on master patient index and master provider directory. Audacious implementation services span from product installation, initial data loading and integration of data sources, matching algorithm tuning, and ongoing support and maintenance

MDM support and maintenance

Audacious Inquiry develops a customer-specific support and maintenance plan for each MDM implementation. Support and maintenance can include 24×7 end-user and technical support, data source and field additions, regular matching algorithm tuning, and fix pack installations. Perform regular MDM Health Checks to ensure proper functioning and performance of MDM software within the enterprise.

How Does It Work?

Patient matching is the process of linking disparate patient records together from different sources. The MDM acts as a central registry (or index) that links patient records together that belong to the same person – based on matching thresholds agreed upon by the organization.


David Horrocks, President, Chesapeake Regional Information Systems For Our Patients

“The combination of expertise and experience at Audacious Inquiry, and the Initiate MDM solution by IBM, has been powerful for CRISP and for Maryland. Audacious Inquiry’s experience in the world of HIE, MDM and healthcare has allowed the patients in our state to begin to realize the investment in – and vision for – health information exchange.”