WHAT IF… you no longer had to spend hours tracking down critical information about your patients’ recent hospitalizations?

Automatically delivering comprehensive clinical documents triggered by hospital discharge alerts.

Obtaining essential information post-discharge can be manually intensive, time consuming, and lead to inconsistent results. ARCHER is a network connected to the national data exchanges that automatically retrieves clinical patient record data in a timely manner, after a discharge from the hospital, to jump start care transitions.


By eliminating the arduous process of monitoring various EHR portal logins, national networks, faxes, calls to hospital records offices, and similar administrative tasks, ARCHER empowers hospitals and providers to re-focus their time on patients, reduce cost, and deliver the highest standards of quality care.

Benefits Of ARCHER™

Improve patient care and clinical outcomes

  • Reduce medication discrepancy and adverse events.
  • Use clinical data to inform transitional care interventions

Reduce Overall Utilization and Total Cost of Care

  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Improve quality scores

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Reallocate staff time on patient care instead of manually tracking down clinical records
  • Reduce redundant patient services

Improve patient and provider experience

  • Use clinical data to inform transitional care interventions
  • Improve CAHPS scores through better patient experience of coordinated care

How ARCHER™ Works

Time-sensitive notifications are received when an individual has been admitted or discharged to an acute care facility.

Targeted, clinical information related to the hospital visit is made available for the individual’s provider.

Information provided includes all available documentation, such as medication lists, test results, plan of care, diagnoses, etc.

Provider and care teams have access to contextual clinical information needed to provide the best possible care for their patients.

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