PROMPT® – Proactive Management of Patient Transitions

A simple application with high impact for care coordination!

PROMPT is a web-based user interface that allows subscribers of the Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®) to increase utilization of a patient’s admit, discharge, transfer (ADT) data. It serves as a lightweight care management tool and also supports follow-up workflows by providing bulk access to attributed information (such as emergency department high-utilizers).

This intuitive dashboard enables quick access to complex search criteria within ADT clinical notifications; search criteria can be refined on the fly by applying common filters, or custom filters can be created to revisit a patient’s status over time.

Patients with chronic conditions require timely care… this solution delivers visibility into the patients who need follow-up care the most, and offers information on how to best utilize resources.

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PROMPT builds upon the Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®) by:

Delivering transparency across multiple patient panels

PROMPT makes managing patients who may be either ACO members or part of specific care management programs more consolidated. A single user can access multiple panels once they have been given permission instead of having to create multiple logins or use separate interfaces. Likewise, multiple users can be assigned to the same group, allowing patient management status’ to be accessed across an organization.

Supporting proactive coordination for high-risk patients through targeted notifications

Search for patients using specific criteria and refine filters on the fly, all within a simple dashboard. Complex searches can be easily saved, creating a one-step method to efficiently call up prior searches. By retaining search history, care teams can quickly check revisit the status of patients with chronic conditions.

Downloading data for both active care coordination or reporting

A user can select to export all of the data from a time period up to the last 30 days, or export just filtered results. Being able to export data into standards such as .CSV or Excel allows users to easily apply the data into graphs or charts within Excel, or quickly import to other visualization software.

Allowing follow-up coordination within care teams

Once patients are discharged from hospitals, time is of the essence to provide follow-up care, thus reducing the likelihood of a readmission. PROMPT for an easy method to coordinate follow-up activities with patients. It permits users to easily keep track of their work queues and mark whether notifications have been acted upon, so care teams are not duplicating work.

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