PULSE - HIE Disaster Response Portal

A health information exchange portal for disaster response

The Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies, or PULSE, orchestrates interoperable health information exchange during declared disasters to improve clinical outcomes. Specifically, PULSE is a web portal that allows electronic patient data to be viewed by providers during disaster response. Following disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, pandemic flu, or terrorist attacks, patients often seek medical treatment outside their typical care networks. As a result, treating providers often have incomplete clinical data, which compromises the quality of care.

With a simple search on PULSE, authenticated providers can access medications, allergies, diagnoses, and lab results for patients who are displaced outside of their normal healthcare environment. Once PULSE is deployed in a state, it can be quickly activated since widespread disasters can occur at a moment’s notice. PULSE was first launched in July 2017. Currently, PULSE connects healthcare organizations across the state of California and was activated for use during the October and December 2017 wildfires. PULSE supports national health exchange standards and is scalable to serve patients in any geographic area.

Technical Capabilities

Offers an Emergency Preparedness Solution

We provide scalable solutions to accommodate your evolving data needs and put responsive design practices into play. Whether you require hosting services, or have existing support in place, we can work with you to get your environment up and running.

Delivers a Complete View of a Patient’s Care History

The portal fetches data from various federated data sources and combines data from disparate systems into a consolidated view.

Provides Secure Access

PULSE users can be provisioned through PULSE User Management . Alternatively, single sign-on is available from existing authentication systems.

Streamlines Patient Search Results

As patient demographics are entered into PULSE, the platform federates this query across all connected facilities, enabling providers to have easy access to patient information at the point of care.

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