ULP- The Unified Landing Page

A secure portal that allows users to have a single sign-on into various healthcare systems. 

The Unified Landing Page is both a web-based portal framework and an infrastructure for managing users and role-based access control. The portal enables a single-sign-on (SSO) to various applications and can aggregate specific health data from multiple sources into one organized interface. This allows a variety of streamlined user workflows. As a flexible platform, the Unified Landing Page is capable of parsing through critical patient information, enabling care providers or other users to increase efficiency and access key data captured outside of their practices or organizations.

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The Unified Landing Page Provides Organizations:

Consistent branding through enterprise portal

Just because healthcare enterprises typically access a collection of applications, doesn’t mean there needs to be inconsistency between the interfaces. The ULP’s user interface is customizable to match your enterprise’s identity, therefore enhancing the visual appeal and emphasis on brand uniformity.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Allow care providers and care managers to focus on their tasks at hand by easing the process of obtaining access to the information they need. Through a single username and password, users can efficiently navigate throughout applications assigned to them. Onboarding (and de-provisioning) is handled in a semi or automated fashion, supported by SAML and OAuth2 protocols.

Purpose-built applications

Create new applications and build custom views across your existing datasets. For example, across the state of Maryland, we have given over 10,000 prescribers and pharmacists more control over identification and prevention of prescription drug abuse using PDMP monitoring, the prescribing and dispensing of drugs that contain controlled dangerous substances (CDS).

Secure Protected Health Information

The ULP delivers solutions for authentication, authorization, and auditing. Validate access through API and user login security (single and multi-factor); receive flexible and extensible role-based access control; create an audit trail of all PHI access, all within one portal.

Global Patient Query

Traditional query databases require very specific entries to establish accurate results. Not anymore. Our matching capabilities allow for fuzzy logic matching against your organization’s MPI, making patient searches without all the exact demographics a breeze. Once a search is conducted, the patient results are preserved and automatically passed between applications to eliminate redundant searching.

Longitudinal Patient Record

The portal is able to fetch data from various federated data sources and combine data available across disparate systems into a consolidated view.

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