Creative Communication Strategies in Healthcare

Tactics for adding visual appeal to communicate your value

Many organizations go through branding exercises or develop marketing strategies to help them connect with external audiences, but you would be surprised by how often this has an impact on aligning internal teams and strengthening company cultures. Shine from the inside out—your organization’s employees are your brand’s most valuable asset. By equipping your team with the tools to succeed, they will become more passionate brand ambassadors. Whether your team is looking for an extra hand to support your established marketing efforts, or if you are looking for guidance on what communications approach would benefit your organization the most, we’re here to help.


How We Can Help You:

Marketing Strategy

We are no strangers to the care coordination challenges that healthcare providers, HIOs, and state government agencies face. We enable our clients to form connections where they matter most by advising the best ways to reach targeted audiences across multiple platforms.

Branding and Collateral

The goal: keep it simple, straightforward, and delightful. What does your brand look and sound like? Consistent application of your branding helps reinforce trust both within and outside of your organization. Every detail counts.

Graphic Design

Did you know that according to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people process information based on what they see? Visual communication is an investment that pays off. Storytelling through infographics, visual diagrams, and illustrations helps organizations stay grounded in their messaging

Video and Multimedia

Capture your audience’s attention by taking the steps to stand out. Motion graphics are widely used across social media campaigns and on websites; videos are effective for online training and company/product overviews.

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