Healthcare Onboarding & Outreach

Methods for rapid adoption of health information exchange. 

A technology platform, like any tool, is only effective when used properly. Healthcare providers are constantly asked to try new methods, change practice patterns, and transform themselves. These requests have no meaning without precise communication, supported by consistent training. Audacious Inquiry has experience interacting with complex health systems and small rural practices to translate technology into action. Each unique site and region informs a strategic outreach and onboarding process that we can tailor to meet your needs. Whether formulating an initial value proposition or embarking on a statewide implementation, we can champion an essential infrastructure for all users.

Our Industry Experience Includes:

Stakeholders and Strategic Partnerships

Communities consist of complex relationships between many interested parties. Organizations can accelerate health information exchange by identifying and managing these relationships. Audacious Inquiry has demonstrated that alignment between provider associations, government agencies, and healthcare organizations is not only possible but essential.

Education Programs

The most direct path to meaningful use of health technology is through effective teaching. Education programs, with Continuing Medical Education credits and without, can be developed to broaden provider knowledge across many aspects of the health care industry and encourage health information exchange participation.

Self-Service Onboarding and Online Tools

Some organizations are too remote or too busy for in-person support. Web-based tools such as user guides, training videos, and automated forms allow interested groups to engage technology at their own pace. Audacious Inquiry can create basic tutorials that fit the need of specific organizations, as well as full-service sites to walk individuals through a customized process based on their unique requirements.

Mass-Marketing and Brand Awareness

An early step in building services adoption is raising broad awareness. Segmenting audiences and penetrating with a relevant message is difficult in the healthcare industry because of the range of personnel, provider types, and facilities. Audacious Inquiry understands these structures and can craft campaigns accordingly.

Direct Engagement and Technical Assistance

Audacious Inquiry believes strongly in the need for local advocates to raise awareness of health information exchange and share the value proposition peer-to-peer. This is particularly important when working with physicians who are too busy to respond to every inquiry to their practice. Audacious has the subject matter experts and experience to assist end users – and partner organizations – as they implement and optimize new technologies.

Policy and Incentive Programs

Each region is different due to both state-based policies and organization personalities. Audacious Inquiry has worked in many areas and has experience understanding localized value-propositions. Our team can listen to providers, review regulatory structures, and craft a strategy unique to the needs of your providers.

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