10/2/2013 | RESOURCES

Ai Teams with Drajer LLC to Expand Support of the ONC Standards Implementation Testing (SITE) Platfom VA FHIR Pilot

Since 2013, Ai has provided technical and project management services in support of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Standards Implementation and Testing Environment (SITE) project.

The SITE platform is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services initiative to facilitate the adoption of health IT standards, and assist in the implementation of standards, such as the Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CCDA) standard required for EHR certification.

In addition, the ONC SITE platform focuses on the following goals:

  1. Provide a proving ground for new health IT standards that are selected by ONC.
  2. Provide feedback on the standards and its maturity for real world implementations.
  3. Provide a sandbox to implementers which consists of a Forum for discussions, a JIRA issue tracking system, a set of Implementation Tools and Validators for testing/implementation of standards, and a Knowledge Base for accumulating and disseminating useful information about the standards.
  4. Provide a CCDA Validator certification tool for Meaningful Use.
  5. Integrate with other open source tools to provide a robust set of tools via a common interface for standards implementation; for example, SMART CCDA validator is integrated into SITE, and Direct RI is integrated into SITE.

The support provided by Ai to ONC consists of a team that possesses extensive capabilities in solutions architecture, program management, software development, test engineers, and technical leads.

There have been, and will be, many complex challenges that the implementer community needs to address during the implementation of S&I framework standards. As SITE continues to provide important resources to the S&I community, including the sample data repository, it will enable standards community stakeholders, developers, experts, and vendors to ensure alignment of the EHRs to the CCDA standard in communicating care summaries and use of CDA templates.

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