12/25/2009 | RESOURCES

Calendar for Erickson Retirement Communities

The marketing team at Erickson Retirement Communities (ERC) sought to create a more interactive experience for prospective residents interested in knowing more about life on an Erickson campus. It wished to develop a calendar for publishing events taking place on Erickson campuses on a public website. Prospective members could both see, in real time, what Erickson residents were doing on a given day, as well as sign-up for events being offered. The ERC marketing team chose Audacious Inquiry to develop this web application.

An online event calendar for tracking resident life on all of Erickson’s campuses already existed. AI worked with Touchtown, a leader in community information technologies and one of ERC’s current providers, to create an XML feed of all resident life events. The new marketing calendar application consumed these feeds and allowed members of the sales and marketing team to decide which resident events to share with the public.

The members of the sales and marketing team also required the ability to create their own events and publish them to the calendar. Because these events, such as informational lunches held for prospective residents, have limited enrollment and historically fill up quickly, the client wished to take RSVPs—and automatically close events when they reached capacity—via the web application. Once prospective residents registered through the calendar tool, an email workflow and administrative interface allowed sales and marketing staff to manage registrations. The introduction of these administrative tasks required a degree of workflow mapping and change management.

Our final work product was successfully deployed on ERC’s www.EricksonCommunities.com website. Outward-facing activity calendars are now displayed on each of ERC’s individual community sections. Many prospective residents have registered to be introduced to Erickson through the calendar