1/2/2017 | RESOURCES

Customer Highlight: HSX Encounter Notifications Success Story

For greater Philadelphia and its metro region, HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern PA (HSX) is the nonprofit health information organization (HIO, HIE) formed by the area’s healthcare insurance companies and hospital health systems for the purpose of electronically exchanging patient care information. The five-county region served by HSX represents the largest and most densely populated healthcare marketplace in the PA Commonwealth.

The mission of HSX is to provide secure access to health information to enable preventive and cost-effective care; improve quality of patient care; and facilitate care transitions. The HIE services provided by HSX include linking the electronic medical record (EMR) systems of different hospital health systems, medical centers, and clinics — and the claims data of healthcare insurers — to make this information accessible at inpatient and outpatient points of care, including medical practice offices. HSX services provide recent clinical care information to providers at the point of care and alerts them to care events.

Since 2015, Audacious Inquiry has been responsible for the planning, implementation, and maintenance of its proprietary solution called the Encounter Notification Service® for HSX. ENS® provides real-time notifications and clinical summaries to primary care providers, payers and other healthcare stakeholders of patient hospitalizations. ENS offers a more efficient and cost-effective way to coordinate care.

Ai has deployed ENS for over 12 million patients subscribed via ENS, with more than 850,000 notifications per month. ENS can rapidly drive measurable clinical improvements in quality and outcomes, and can be integral to initiatives around population health, transitions of care, and reduction of readmissions.

“Ai welcomed the opportunity to work with an exchange of the size and unique design of HSX. We help Southeastern Pa. connect hospitals and other medical providers, as well as healthcare payers, who want to deliver better-coordinated more-informed patient care,” says Chris Brandt, Managing Partner of Ai.

“We are proud to leverage Ai’s track record of successful HIE implementations for several U.S. statewide exchanges, and fully bring to bear Ai’s collective healthcare IT and policy expertise for the Delaware Valley region that HSX serves.”

The main focus of Ai’s work for HSX includes the following:

ENS technology sends hospital inpatient and ED admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) event notifications securely, between participating hospitals and inter-state among connected HIEs (i.e. Maryland, Delaware, and DC exchange ENS events). Since 2013, ENS has delivered over 10 million notifications, and served over 12 million subscribed patients in Florida, Utah, Delaware, and Maryland, as well as metro Philadelphia and the District of Columbia. ENS powers FLHIE’s Event Notification Service, DHIN’s Encounter Notification System, UHIN’s cHIE alerts, CRISP’s Encounter Notification System, and HSX’s Encounter Notification Service. ENS can send secure alerts in several ways, including, via a secure web services connection, via Direct secure messaging technology, or via the ENS PROMPT user interface. To learn more follow us on Twitter @A_INQ