8/17/2011 | RESOURCES

Identifying Industry Standards and Best Practices for Telemedicine in Maryland

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) contracted with Ai on a project to identify industry standards and best practices that Maryland should adopt for connecting telemedicine technology to a centralized network. The standards will be used to support the electronic exchange of clinical information, and ensure interoperability and access to a provider directory.

In performing this work, Ai facilitated a telemedicine work group to inform standards development. Additionally, the Ai team performed an extensive literature review of telemedicine standards. These activities will inform other areas of work including the following:

  • Authoring a technical standards manual/implementation guide,
  • Identifying challenges and recommendations for implementation,
  • Collaborating with the statewide HIE,
  • Developing a strategy for provider education, and
  • Authoring a final report.