10/2/2017 | RESOURCES

Meaningful Use Executive Management Dashboard

Audacious Inquiry (Ai) has partnered with INOVA leadership in preparation for Meaningful Use attestation for hospitals and providers, and developed a dashboard for keeping track of key metrics within its hospitals. The dashboard allows one to communicate with all levels of management within the five INOVA hospitals, with CIOs, CFOS, and CMIOs among the target audience.

Prior to development of the dashboard, INOVA assessed the status of individual hospitals and departments by manually reviewing each specific pdf pertaining to said departments and hospitals. It was cumbersome to do side-by-side comparisons of specific departments. As it relates to processes that might be working in one department but not in another, INOVA’s use of the dashboard enables comparison to identify areas to work on, improve, and replicate what is working.

As a result of having the dashboard, one can keep tabs on individual departments and units that are not meeting criteria. Further, the system can deliver user-friendly and comprehensive reports of each department. The dashboard also provides the ability to keep tabs on specific areas at each level of the hospital system, and identify and prioritize areas for improvement.