Case Study: Teaching Marketing Excellence

11/17/2009 | RESOURCES

Teaching Marketing Excellence

Beginning in September 2005, Audacious Inquiry Senior Partner David Bell, along with his Wharton School colleague David Reibstein, began leading groups of fifty Rohm and Haas senior executives through a weeklong marketing excellence training initiative developed in collaboration with the client. Initially scheduled for a single group of senior executives, the program is still ongoing and has been implemented by Bell and Reibstein in Philadelphia, Fontainebleau, Singapore, and Shanghai. In excess of 400 senior executives have been trained through the program in nine separate iterations.

The goal of the program was straightforward: to develop world-class marketing capability within the Rohm and Haas organization. The program focuses on cutting edge theory and methods and equips executives to foster growth through marketing excellence. Alumni executives return to the program at three- and sixth-month intervals to report on change and implementation in many Rohm and Haas global markets.

Significant positive outcomes include:

  • Extensive restructuring of market segmentation approaches in key product markets, including a new focus on benefit-driven segmentation
  • Application of lifetime value of the customer analysis to key accounts for enhanced customer profitability
  • Product-line rationalization for more efficient delivery of product alternatives that have superior market value
  • Renewed initiatives in establishing the corporate image in key product markets with consumer goods applications

Following the ninth and final session, Bell and Reibstein began developing an additional program with continued emphasis on empirically-based marketing strategy. The goal of this program is to take Rohm and Haas to the “next level” of marketing excellence.

While the Rohm and Haas relationship is the most comprehensive of David Bell’s educational engagements, over the last four years David has through Wharton Executive Education worked with Philips, Shell, and Toyota in the areas of consumer choice, market segmentation, and branding. In addition, he has worked privately with AXA in Hong Kong to develop capabilities in implementing market-based customer segmentation strategies. In his role at AI, David develops research-based tools for improving marketing performance. His most recent research focuses on consumer behavior on the Internet.