Training Library 

Learn how to utilize E-PLUS to care for patients in alternate care settings.

E-PLUS is a cloud-based software solution built for public health and emergency management authorities and other entities that solve critical gaps in patient care during public health emergencies and disasters. E-PLUS enables authorized users to access medication and clinical histories to improve direct patient care for individuals who have been displaced outside their normal healthcare environment, conduct epidemiological assessments, and initiate other public health activities. Along with Emergency Census™, E-PLUS is optimized for the unique demands of field conditions to reduce burden on providers, support high quality care for patients, and accelerate the return to routine care.

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E-PLUS User Introduction

This video guides viewers on how to best use the E-PLUS training video suite.

E-PLUS User Overview

This video describes the E-PLUS software, its use cases, and data sources.

User Types for E-PLUS Users

Overview of the functions available to each user role.

E-PLUS User First Time Login

This video explains the steps an E-PLUS User should take to set up their account for the first time, including creating  a password, signing the Terms of Use, and setting security questions.

Reset Password for your E-PLUS User Account

This video explains the workflow for an E-PLUS User to reset a forgotten password.

Use the E-PLUS Portal

This video explains how to navigate through the E-PLUS portal as an E-PLUS User.

Search for Patient Medical History 

This video explains how an E-PLUS User can search for a patient’s clinical history from the national health information exchange networks.

Review Medication History

This video explains how an E-PLUS User can search for a patient’s consolidated medication history from Surescripts® and review the results.

Review Clinical Documents 

This video explains how an E-PLUS User can view the clinical documents returned for a patient.

Edit Patient Search and View Search History 

This video shows an E-PLUS User how to edit a patient search and use the search history function.