Join us at HIMSS21 in Vegas

Love chatting about emerging trends in interoperability? Good—so do we! 

Better Care Coordination 

Care coordination is an increasingly complex endeavor for health care organizations. We would love to meet with you to discuss how to best support your real-time data needs through our industry-leading Encounter Notification Service®. ENS currently delivers over 30 million contextualized notifications to more than 3,000 subscribing organizations across the country.


See You in the Showcase! 

We invite you to visit the Audacious Inquiry team at the Interoperability Showcase, where we will showcase The SANER Project™ in action. See for yourself how this industry-wide collaboration can help state governments improve real-time situational awareness to better manage public health emergencies. By Using HL7 FHIR™ and automation, the SANER Project is designed to revolutionize outdated and unreliable data-sharing processes, allowing real-time situational awareness of health care system capacity.


Let’s Meet Up! 

Reserve your 1:1 appointment in our meeting room and discover solutions that increase reimbursement opportunities, engage providers, and enhance network integrity. By seeing our trusted solutions in action, including ENS and Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies™ (PULSE), you will see why Audacious Inquiry is a trusted partner to health plans, health systems, Health Information Exchange Organizations, public health agencies, and federal, state, and local government agencies across the country.  


Our Insights

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