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In Case of Emergency: Next-Generation Preparedness & Response

The HLTH Foundation “GoLIVE” Startup & Innovation Webinar Series is a forum for thought leaders and subject matter experts to discuss the latest industry innovations and partnerships that are helping to shape the future of healthcare.

In a recent episode featuring expert panelists from Audacious Inquiry, Caresyntax, and Lumedic, the discussion centered on organizational response to COVID-19 and the industry’s ability to adapt in the moment and overcome associated challenges—through innovation and inspiration, considering a dynamic thought shift and thorough examination of what health care really means in the moment.

Representing Audacious Inquiry was Chris Brandt, Chief Executive Officer, who spoke in depth about care coordination efforts amidst sudden, sweeping changes and imperfect conditions stemming from the pandemic. From a preparedness perspective, Chris concentrated on accelerated initiatives to promote a seamless care journey with respect address patient surges and displacement, from the lens of current pandemic conditions, as well as past emergency preparedness efforts where patient relocation and the transfer of medical histories were required.

Broadening the definition of “health care” to include more emphasis on emergency response, Chris further addressed processes of regular care delivery to systematically enable better resource allocation during a state of emergency. Specifically, Chris raised awareness to an industry-wide collaboration know as the Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response (SANER), with the aim to improve real-time situational awareness of health care system capacity in the COVID-19 pandemic and future public health emergencies.

Rhonda Wallen, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Technology & Evidence Solutions, Caresyntax

Jim St. Clair, Chief Trust Officer, Lumedic

Christ Brandt, Chief Executive Officer, Audacious Inquiry

Tye Cook, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Tegria


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Learn more about Audacious Inquiry’s work in the moment to help correct the course of health care through coordinated efforts, as well as our panel partners’ work to innovate and inspire next-generation technologies and processes around topics such as surgical best practices, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring.