What is the Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®)?

Audacious Inquiry (Ai) offers the Encounter Notification Service (ENS), a care coordination solution designed to help physicians and care managers provide high-quality, collaborative patient care. ENS delivers real-time alerts when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred, helping care teams provide timely follow-up and facilitating smooth transitions of care. Ai is working in partnership with NHPCO to provide hospice and palliative care organizations with the tools they need to effectively leverage data for improved, coordinated end-of-life care.

ENS Frequenlty Asked Questions

Benefits of ENS

How Does ENS Work?

ENS receives messages from hospitals and compares them to patient lists provided by subscribers. When one of the listed patients receives care at a participating hospital or care facility, subscribers receive an alert containing details about the patient’s hospital encounter.

How and When Do I Receive Notifications?

ENS receives admit, discharge, transfer (ADT) messages from hospitals in near real-time and, if requested, can send notifications within moments of an encounter being recorded in the hospital’s own electronic medical record. Subscribers also have the option of receiving notifications once or twice daily in batch format. Notifications are delivered to subscribers via a number of secure methods: SFTP sites, Direct Messaging, and PROMPT.

Do I Need to Get My Patients’ Permission?

Yes, your organization will need authorization to access a patient’s health information before including that individual on your patient list for ENS. Patient authorization does not need to reference ENS specifically.

Is There a Cost for ENS?

ENS pricing varies, please contact an Ai representative for more information at sales@ainq.com

How Do I Sign Up for ENS?

To sign up for ENS, please contact an Ai representative at sales@ainq.com.

Improve Care Coordination

Clinicians and care managers can receive timely ENS notifications about hospitalizations, act promptly, and direct patients to the most appropriate care settings.

Optimize Financial Performance

ENS’ ability to improve care coordination and reduce avoidable utilization is necessary to achieve your financial goals under value-based contracting—bundles, ACOs, PCMH programs—or through enhancing Transitional Care Management (TCM) revenue

Reduce Avoidable Utilization

Whether you are a PCP who needs to know when, where, and why a patient is hospitalized, or a treating physician who needs insight into a patient’s relationships, ENS enables the necessary engagement to make proper clinical decisions and dispositions.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

ENS notifications improve communications, and streamline workflows between care providers and case team managers – this leads to greater patient engagement and satisfaction.

Program/Regulatory Compliance

ENS enables the automatic routing of discharge summaries from hospitals in a manner compliant with Meaningful Use requirements for Transitions of Care.