Audacious Inquiry developed PULSE COVID as a lightweight, response-ready solution to support state and territorial health departments, emergency management agencies, and clinicians in the fight against COVID-19.

The Challenge


Public health professionals must conduct clinical case augmentation,  surveillance, contact tracing, and risk communication for known and suspected cases of COVID-19 but often lack access to critical clinical information to support their efforts


 Medical providers in non-routine care settings such as surge facilities, quarantine sites, and triage centers must provide well-informed, high quality care without the IT infrastructure of a typical hospital

The Solution 

PULSE COVID allows verified users (e.g., public health authorities and clinical providers) to find and view electronic patient health and medication histories from across national health information exchange networks.

Through a simple search, users can access and view clinical care documents. This may include medications, allergies, diagnoses, lab results, and other relevant information to augment clinical care, identify patient comorbidities, and fill in gaps tied to patient health or demographic characteristics.

How It Works

Search portal

Clinical Search Portal

Users can log-in to a webpage, search for an individual patient, and receive a list of associated clinical documents that may include care summaries, hospital discharge information, medication history, and other relevant information.


Bulk Query 

Users can gather relevant documents for tens or hundreds of individuals at the same time. Retrieved documents are saved into a secure directory, organized by patient demographics and transferred back to the requesting organization.


 PULSE COVID is an adaptation of Audacious Inquiry’s full-featured PULSE Enterprise solution. Both products provide on-demand access to patient medical records to authorized clinical and public health users that may not otherwise have access through an EHR.