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Takeaways from CMS’ Conditions of Participation Guidance

On May 7th, 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released two new documents clarifying Conditions of Participation compliance requirements, as outlined in the Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule. To satisfy CMS’ requirements, which went into effect April 30th, 2021, hospitals must generate and send a notification for a patient in the Emergency Department, Inpatient, and Observation Status—at the time of an admission or registration, and immediately prior to or at the discharge or transfer.

In simplest terms, the mandate aims to create more transparency amongst hospitals, care providers, and patients to improve care coordination; however, it’s not that simple, as complexities, common questions, and other curiosities have emerged from organizations seeking compliance.

As a trusted partner to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and HIEs nationwide, Audacious Inquiry has been at the forefront of Conditions of Participation rule interpretation and guidance. With a policy team actively engaged with CMS, we have turning over every stone to provide Conditions of Participation support where it is needed for our partnering organizations.

Get more guidance…in just under 30 minutes. Watch our latest Conditions of Participation webinar on demand.

Whether you are a provider, a hospital, or health information exchange, you’ll want to tune into this interactive webinar (initially presented to members of the Strategic Health Information Exchange but applicable to all interested and invested in healthcare IT and interoperability compliance). Kory Mertz, senior policy director for Audacious Inquiry, conducts a quick but deep dive into CMS’s clarification, to address several uncertainties that have challenged hospitals and providers to date.

Topics covered include:

  • When notifications are required for observation status
  • Provider impact and patient refusal documentation
  • Conditions of Participation audits and timelines

And be sure to stay for the Q&A!