Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response

The Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response (SANER) Project is an industry-wide collaboration that aims to revolutionize outdated and unreliable data-sharing processes to improve real-time situational awareness of health care system capacity in the COVID-19 pandemic and future public health emergencies.

Accelerating COVID-19 Response Through HL7® FHIR®

The SANER Project is an open-source effort to streamline and accelerate real-time transmission of de-identified data among health care facilities, critical infrastructure, and governmental response authorities during public health emergencies and disasters.

The project leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) using HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), an international data sharing standard proven to scale collaboration across disparate infrastructures. Using FHIR® is advantageous over other data-sharing methods, as it contains more discrete data elements, allowing for the specification and transmission of only the most essential pieces of information.  

A track has been created to support testing for the implementation guide at HL7’s first virtual FHIR Connectathon being held May 13-15.

Understanding the Need

Public health agencies need access to data to control the spread of the disease and to manage limited resources across the country. The primary aim of The SANER Project is to inform critical decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources while simultaneously reducing reporting burden on the healthcare facilities at the frontlines of response.

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